3000 Skeletons to Be Dug Up From Old Burial Ground, and Here Are the

3000 Skeletons To Be Dug Up From Old Burial Ground, And Here Are The
The big dig has begun at an old burial ground in London. To make way for new construction near the city's Liverpool Street rail station, archaeologists have started excavating an estimated 3,000 historic skeletons now… Continue reading

Removing Derelict and Abandoned Boats

Removing Derelict and Abandoned Boats
Bates says not all of the boats in Watson Bayou fit the derelict category. According to Bates, "instead of paying a boat slip fee, a lot of people just come and dock their boat and as long as they are taking care of it, the… Continue reading

S. Korean President Vows to Raise Ferry 1 Year Later

S. Korean president vows to raise ferry 1 year later
Speaking in the port of Paengmok, near the disaster site, President Park Guen-hye said she would take "the necessary steps to salvage the ship at the earliest possible date," the BBC reported. Park's announcement — the first time she explicitly… Continue reading

Optimism Grows for Yorklyn Factory Rebirth

Optimism grows for Yorklyn factory rebirth
Walking through a crumbling and rusty National Vulcanized Fibre Corp. building in Yorklyn recently, state parks planner Matt Chesser spotted a pile of feathers left behind by a predator. It was a surprise — something that wouldn't have been seen here …
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Florida's Amendment 1 Gets Lost in Translation

Florida's Amendment 1 gets lost in translation
The voters in Florida, who seldom have seen fit to spend money on things not related to sports stadiums, actually got this one right. They said to do what it takes to set aside land and preserve our resources. The voters understood that… Continue reading

Chris Christie to Propose Changes to Social Security, Medicare

Chris Christie to Propose Changes to Social Security, Medicare
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will unveil a proposal to change Social Security and Medicare Tuesday in a speech in New Hampshire, as he seeks to inject new life into his presidential ambitions. The outspoken Republican's political fortunes soured …
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