No-Frills Annual Sale a Nautical Mecca for Old Salts

No-frills annual sale a nautical mecca for old salts
The 25-year-tradition that takes place across the channel from the marina is the opposite of the kinds of ritzy, high-dollar yacht and boat shows that happen elsewhere around the Tampa Bay area. Used crab traps, salvaged railings, even antique fishing …… Continue reading

Dog Walks 15 Blocks to Find Owner at Hospital in Iowa

Dog walks 15 blocks to find owner at hospital in Iowa
… CBS12 Exposes Mystery Campaign Ads; County May Ban Roadside Puppy Sales; Florida mom with shotgun forces boy, 7, to jump out 2-story window; Woman chest-bumps elderly woman in fight over handicapped spot sending her to hospital, police say… Continue reading

Salvage Fund Raises Questions

Salvage fund raises questions
The fund, he said would support a pool of equipment dedicated to marine salvage and also pay for R&D for new equipment. Gunn opined that salvage is in fact a comparatively inexpensive service and that the pay-out required for such a fund would not be …
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Marine Killed in Florida Helicopter Crash Has Local Ties

Marine killed in Florida helicopter crash has local ties
In various parts of Navarre, 11 flags are placed, one one for each of the servicemen missing in the crash. … Photo Courtesy of USMC/Cpl. Tia Dufour U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Seif, 27, who spent part of his childhood in… Continue reading

Scrap Arts Music Returns to the Edison Theatre

Scrap Arts Music returns to the Edison Theatre
Other examples include the Chime Array, made from artillery shells and stainless steel scrap; the Gong Array, made from boat railings and monkey bar “seconds”; and the Plankophone, a kind of marimba made from wooden railings pulled out of a condemned …
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Rain Gardens – One Way You Can Help Keep Puget Sound Clean

Rain Gardens – One Way You Can Help Keep Puget Sound Clean
Stormwater runoff is rainwater that falls on surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, yards, and roads, and flows directly into streams, lakes, rivers, and ultimately Puget Sound. As stormwater … Erica Guttman, Senior Extension Coordinator and Educator …
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