Byron Scott Distrusts Players, Says They 'Would End Up Shooting Me in the Back'

Byron Scott Distrusts Players, Says They 'Would End Up Shooting Me in the Back'
At the merciful close of a 2014-15 season that has seen the Los Angeles Lakers put up as little competitive fight as any team in the NBA, head coach Byron Scott isn't holding back on the… Continue reading

Patients Want Dental Work Finished

Patients want dental work finished
92-year-old woman tries to salvage belongings after flooding … HFD boat capsizes in Brays Bayou, 3 people carried away by current · Gov. … Three children were injured as a waterspout came ashore and lifted a bounce house into the air at a Florida …… Continue reading

Missing Boat 'sighted'

Missing boat 'sighted'
The craft was spotted by a passing vessel, but has subsequently not been seen by two other ships passing through the region. “We have so far not had any communication from the boat owners on this, but we continue to appeal to them [about a salvage …
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Indiana Governor Signs Amended 'Religious Freedom' Law

Indiana governor signs amended 'religious freedom' law
INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday signed into law revisions in the state's divisive Religious Freedom Restoration Act aimed at removing fears that it would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. The Indiana House …
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Police: Man Followed Family to Florida to Molest Teen

Police: Man followed family to Florida to molest teen
… found in wrecked van 2 days after fatal crash; Question of the Day: Friday; Sheriff: Woman stabbed mother in face with large knife; Body found near missing man's van in canal in Vero Beach; Non-resident parking passes for Oceanfront Park… Continue reading

Boat Sinks 4 Miles South of Perdido Pass, Vessel Named 'Heck Yeah' Came to Help

Boat sinks 4 miles south of Perdido Pass, vessel named 'Heck Yeah' came to help
The vessel Heck Yeah transported the victims to the Alabama Marine Patrol facility at Alabama Point in Orange Beach. A local salvage company responded to the scene to recover the vessel. No major injuries were… Continue reading