Paying for Sex in Florida Could Become More Costly

Paying for sex in Florida could become more costly
… Two rescued from yacht fire · West Palm Beach inmate escapes · Florida teen bitten in face by water moccasin · HIV epidemic continues to spread; public health emergency extended · Firefighters battle large blaze at West Palm Beach home… Continue reading

Victims Killed by Falling Concrete Were Local Youth Pastors, Baby Boy

Victims killed by falling concrete were local youth pastors, baby boy
Florida Governor Rick Scott trying to lure California businesses; Concerns about school computerized testing; Rubio tells donors he is running for White House; Check Delivered to Help with Funerals for Van Accident Victims; Salvage crews remove …
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Flags Found in Dumpster Returned to Owner

Flags found in dumpster returned to owner
Tampa, Florida — Covered in debris and flies ready for the landfill is how firefighters at Tampa Fire Station 19 found six flags in the dumpster behind the firehouse on Memorial Day. The first responders tended to the flags' wounds like an injured… Continue reading

Reviving Dignity: The Remarkable Perseverance of Myanmar's Displaced

Reviving Dignity: The Remarkable Perseverance of Myanmar's Displaced
Noor Jahan spends her days drying out and grinding chillies to help support her three children, mother-in-law, and out of work husband who used to be a labourer downtown where they are no longer allowed to travel. Credit: Courtesy Rob …. Large… Continue reading

The Right Wine to Drink With a Sandwich

The Right Wine to Drink With a Sandwich
Some people with narrow views of the possibilities ask, “Why would you drink wine with a sandwich?” I say, “Why on earth wouldn't you?” Bread and wine are a foundation of civilization. A sandwich simply adds other flavors to the equation, and… Continue reading

A Case About Four Words, With Mammoth Implications

A case about four words, with mammoth implications
His administration would be pressured to come up with an alternative to salvage the law. Without a fix, his legacy in the area of domestic policy would be tarnished. • Congress would be pressured to devise a solution for the millions of… Continue reading